About Us

Journey from our home to yours!

Hi! I'm Myah! I am a High School Student, a daughter and the founder of Fayebee Brand! My mom (Alysha) is my business partner. She is one of the hardest workers I know, working both a full-time career for another company and part-time helping me out after work and on her days off.

Proudly we are Women Owned and Family Owned & Operated!

So, what's in a name? A lot of love! That's what!!!
Fayebee Brand (Pronounced Fay-Bee) is a name close to my heart. Growing up my mom always called me Fayebee or her little Fayebaby (a spinoff of my middle name Faye). I love my mom and thank her for always believing in me!

I love you mom! <3

Both my mom and I are artists and have a passion in photography. Behind the scenes, we get to express our love for art and photography by being the designers, crafters and photographers of our brand!

We love to find ways to give back to our supporters and those who have inspired us! Our official Faye B. line is named after our customers and very special people that we meet along the way! This has been such a fun and unique way to give back and most importantly to say THANK YOU!

Our products are made with LOVE from our home to yours!